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Sublimation is the best and most affordable way to add a full color image to a shirt or other apparel and non-apparel items. Sublimation is great because it can be used for printing on many different items such as mugs, coasters, pennants, towels, hats, key chains, lanyards, aluminum panels and so much more. 

Sublimation is basically the process of dying an image into an item. The sublimation process consists of specially formulated inks which are activated with heat. 

There are two drawbacks for sublimating apparel items. The apparel item needs to contain at least 50% polyester; higher percents of polyester will yield a more vibrant print. And second, the apparel item needs to be white or light colored. 

Once artwork is approved turnaround time for sublimation orders is 1 - 3 days for small orders. 1 - 2 weeks for larger orders. 

Please feel free contact us if you have any questions. 

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