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About Us

We are The Graffix Shack. Our story began with our love for sports. We're athletically gifted and blessed with God given natural talent. We've been part of many different teams in several sports throughout our lives; including baseball, soccer, hockey, football and softball. Every team we ever played for undoubtedly provided us with a jersey. The jersey was not just a jersey; for us it was more than a simple printed shirt with a number on the back. For us, receiving the jersey meant belonging to a team; a family. 

In 2009, we joined an adult soccer league. We formed a team and were excited to play. We showed up for our first game and couldn't help but notice the other team was decked out with stunning matching uniforms; not just the jersey, the whole uniform including their socks. Our team, on the other hand, was the complete opposite; none of us matched. After the game we asked our teammates if  everyone would be interested in getting custom matching jerseys so we could at least look like a team; everyone declined because they couldn't afford it. So, we did some research and decided to print the jerseys ourselves. Somehow, someway we managed to print a half decent image onto a jersey. It was nowhere near perfect but, at least our team would now have matching jerseys. We showed up to our game the following week and handed our players a freshly printed, definitely not perfect, jersey. Man, oh man were they happily surprised; nobody was expecting to receive a jersey. Our team's moral was instantly boosted and now not only did we look like a team but, we played like a team. 

Players from the opposing team saw us handing out jerseys to our players before the game. After the game some of the players approached us and asked where we had purchased our jerseys; they were looking for a print shop for their team's jerseys. We, of course, told them we had printed the shirts. They replied with something along the lines of "Oh, wow that's cool. You guys print shirts? How much would it be for ten shirts for our team?" And just like that, The Graffix Shack was born!


We still have no clue how we managed to print the jerseys. We didn't have any kind of experience in graphic design or screen printing. From that day forward we continued learning and perfecting our printing process in a very small and limited screen printing shop which we setup in our parents' garage. We made a lot of mistakes but, learned valuable information from those mistakes. We slowly grew our business from the garage to a storefront and it's all because of YOU! Thank you for trusting The Graffix Shack with your custom printed orders! 

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